Nude Leaks

December 5, 2014
A group exhibition hosted by Varsity (C.A.T.S)
Curated by Xirin and Lily Moonbeam
Nude Leaks is a group exhibition in response to the 2014 celebrity photo leaks. Although not the first of its kind, the leak raised many privacy concerns and acknowledged the vulnerability of our security systems. It raises ideas about the lack of human control over information technology, the current vogue of nude selfies, and the culture of sexting. 
The exhibition explores these ideas, with work by Sarah Lawrence College students, including:

Shy Adelman
Talulah Brown
Taylor Burke
Mad Cash
Katrina Dew Harple
Charlotte Droescher
Mackenzie Hahn
Joshua Hermann
Emma Hoffman 
Tania Llera-Stern
Emily Loughlin
Maddy Maurer
Alyssa McIntyre
Lily Montasser
Lily Moonbeam
John Murdock
Alice West O’Keefe
Julia Reichard
Hannah Rothpearl
Emma Wilder Sadowski
Nomi Scher
Jasper Soloff
Sarah Steinhart
Greg Tartaglione
Emma Zigman
And some anonymous works.